Multi-Media Madness Strikes the Lehigh Valley

Prom couple hits the papers, airwaves, TV and Internet

This is a story, about a story, about a story becoming a story in the first place.

Let us explain.

Yes, lets channel our inner-"Tropic Thunder" to bring a funny story to the users of NBC Philadelphia.

In the media biz it's great whenever you can get press. Well yesterday was one of the more unique instances of that adage.

The article "Philadelphia TV news station features Lehigh Valley prom couple" was posted on the Morning Call Web site Thursday afternoon.

The story was about a TV station (NBC 10) interviewing a chivalrous guy from Allentown who wanted to go all out to ask his special lady to the prom.

The craziest part is that Kathy Lauer-Williams' Morning Call story really was about a story becoming a story across different mediums.


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That must make this a story about the making of another story about -- well, nevermind.

Here is how the whole mess got started.

Teenage Casanova Zach Heffelfinger asked his girlfriend Adriana Nikles to prom by holding up a handmade sign and two-dozen roses outside her school.

A simple romantic act but soon the tale hit the net and the real story began.

The couple quickly became an Internet sensation thanks to coverage on

Heffelfinger began making the rounds on the Michael Smerconish Show and other media entities before NBC 10 came knocking.

Now we normally wouldn't cover a story about someone else covering a story about us covering a story that someone else made a story in the first place, but this was just too unique a situation.

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