Mount Moriah Cemetery Cleanup Begins

Mayor Michael Nutter and a group of volunteers were hard at work in Southwest Philadelphia on Saturday.

The volunteers began the long process of cleaning up one of Philly’s oldest and largest cemeteries.

For the last few years, the historic Mount Moriah Cemetery has been riddled with trash, toppled headstones, overgrown shrubs and broken fences.

After numerous complaints, local community organizations decided to take action. Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery, Greater Philadelphia Cares, Global Citizen and Philadelphia volunteers are working to restore the cemetery back to the beautiful memorial that it once was.

The volunteers worked on Saturday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. More cleanup events at the cemetery are scheduled for August, September and October.

To participate in upcoming cleanups or find information on other opportunities to volunteer in the city, visit the Serve Philadelphia website.

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