Shots Fired at Mom, Daughters in NE Road Rage Incident

A mother and her two daughters were on Roosevelt Boulevard on their way home from a birthday party when a man opened fire on their car

A mother and her two daughters, 24, 29, narrowly escaped injury after a gunman opened fire on them while they were stopped at a light on The Boulevard in Northeast Philadelphia early Friday morning.

"He shot, he shook up the whole car so we thought we got hit in the back, so I started screaming!"

The mom talked exclusively to NBC10 by phone because she is scared and doesn't want her face shown or her name used.

The three women were heading home from a birthday party about 2:45 a.m. and driving southbound on Roosevelt Boulevard.

"We didn't do anything wrong. We were just driving home. That car came from nowhere. . .there wasn't even any traffic," the mom said.

The mother, 47, tells NBC10's Harry Hairston she was stopped at a light when a car pulled up beside them and a man started yelling. She says they ignored him, but then he got out of his car.

"It just happened. Two guys and a girl were driving and another guy got out of the car and shot at us!"

The woman's husband says his wife and daughter were really fortunate.

"Luckily they're fine. It's a bullet that could have killed one of them, one of them," said Jose Garcia.

Police believe it was a random case of road rage. The bullets went through one window and out another so they don't have that evidence to work with. The victims and say they have no idea who the gunman is. The car is described as a 4-door gold sedan with tinted windows.

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