Mother Sets Healthy Example for Daughters, Students by Running Blue Cross Broad Street Run

Delaware County art teacher, Sarah Ryan, teachers her two daughters and her students how to live a healthy lifestyle by running the Broad Street Run each year.

You can tune in to NBC10’s full coverage of the Blue Cross Broad Street Run on May 5.

Sarah Ryan has been running the Blue Cross Broad Street Run for a decade. Her goal these days is not just setting a new personal best, but to set an example for her two girls and elementary students.

"You always want to set a healthy example for your kids and the kids that I’m with all day at school," Ryan said.

Ryan is an art teacher at Wallingford Elementary School in Nether Providence Township in Delaware County.

When she’s not teaching art, she’s teaching her own girls, 5-year-old Abbie and 3-year-old Josie, how to live an active life.

Two years ago, Ryan signed Abbie up for Healthy Kids Running Series, a five-week running program in Pennsylvania for kids ages 2-14.

"At the end of the winter when you’re cooped up, it was something to get outside again and Abbey loved it last year.  So this year, we signed both of them up," Ryan said.

Paul Converse carries the American flag while he runs down Broad Street to honor his uncle who served in World War II.

"The important part is having fun and cheering on for your teammates," Abbie Ryan said.

Each spring when Sarah trains for Broad Street Run, her friends and family make it a tradition to encourage her.

"When I come home my kids say 'how far did you run today, Mom?' and then usually it’s 'you need to go take a shower,'" Ryan joked.

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