More Votes to Count in GOP Philly Mayoral Primary?

Brown ahead of Featherman after count of absentee ballots

A week after voters cast their ballots in the primary election, two key Philadelphia races are still in dispute.

The Republican Philadelphia Mayor’s race and the Democratic race for 2nd District City Council were reportedly decided after a count of absentee ballots was completed on Monday and Tuesday.

The Acting City Commissioners are set to meet Wednesday to consider objections in any races that may still be in doubt.

GOP City Committee-backed Karen Brown was the apparent victor over challenger John Featherman in the mayoral contest. But the count, that gave Brown a reported 58-vote lead, was still not the final word.

Officials could still consider provisional ballots cast by voters whose names were not on registration lists at the polls on election day. Those votes may not change the outcome.

In the 2nd District, State Rep. Kenyatta Johnson was declared the winner on Monday over Barbara Capozzi. Johnson’s victory was by a 53-vote margin.

The Democratic nominee will be challenged in November by Republican Ivan Cohen in a bid to replace Council President Anna Verna, who is retiring.

Here is a portion of a statement released by Capozzi:

“We are quite disappointed in the outcome of the count, but I am very proud of the honest and strong campaign that we ran against the 'machine.’ As for the final election results, I am considering all options in regards to next steps. It is in the City’s best interests that residents of the Second District get the last say in who represents them in City Council.”

Campaign representatives are allowed to review election records, to help decide if they’d like to raise any objections.

The Commissioners have until June 6 to certify the official election results. That’s also the final day to contest a disputed primary election.

August 1 is the last day for independent and minor political party candidates to file nomination papers to run in November.

Stay tuned.

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