More Than 100 Marijuana Plants Seized in Chester County Marijuana Growing Operation: DA

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Chester County DA's Office
Cuban nationals Berto Quinones, William Delgado and Yordanky Hevia-Martinez were arrested for running the grow operation in North Coventry Township.
Chester County DA's Office
During a search of a home located along the 900 block of Malvern Drive, police found more than 100 mature marijuana plants.
Chester County DA's Office
During the search, police also seized a black Audi vehicle and marmoset monkey from the property.
Chester County DA's Office
Fertilizer, special lighting, fans and other materials used in the alleged grow operation were also seized as evidence. Police said the suspects had bypassed the electrical meter at the residence for access to electricity.
Chester County DA's Office
34-year-old Yordanky Hevia-Martinez faces felony charges related to the operation.
Chester County DA's Office
Berto Quinones, 41, who's last known address was in Pottstown, faces felony charges related to the operation as well as for allegedly stealing electrical service.
Chester County DA's Office
46-year-old William Delgado also faces felony drug trafficking offenses. Officials said all three men are Cuban nationals and that The United States Department of Homeland Security - Immigration and Customs Enforcement had been notified of their arrests.
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