Montgomery County: Want to Save Energy? Get Your Free Tree

Want to save the amount of energy you use at home, as well as reduce your carbon footprint? Why not plant a tree.

The Energy-Saving Trees program by the Arbor Day Foundation is giving away free potted seedlings to environmentally-minded citizens who want to minimize their energy use and maximize their property value.

The Energy-Saving Trees program, which is sponsored by PECO, emphasizes how fully grown trees can improve air quality and effectively catch storm water runoff as well as decrease energy consumption at home.The program is shipping 2-4 foot seedlings in containers all over the area.

Customers can navigate to the website to find their property on a map, which will automatically suggest the best place to plant the tree to maximize energy saved, as well as pointing out any potential obstructions to tree growth. Currently, customers can choose between Baldcypress, Red Maple and Northern Red Oak. White Dogwood and Eastern Redwood seedlings were previously available before selling out. Orders are limited to one tree per person.

The Energy-Saving Trees Program recommends that no trees within 20 feet of a utility line grow taller than 25 feet, and no trees within 50 feet grow taller than 40 feet.

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