Montgomery County

Montgomery County ‘Trail Challenge' Pushes Residents to Complete Trail System

The Montco Trail Challenge launches this weekend in Montgomery County parks, where families and fitness buffs alike will be able to take on 10 trails over the summer and mark their progress.

The goal of the challenge for participants is to visit at least five of the 10 trails of varying length and difficulty during the program's time period of June 4 to Sept. 4.

County health officials announced the challenge Thursday at the county commissioners' monthly meeting.

Health Promotion Director Brandi Chawaga said the program is "family friendly," but that there are trails "of all levels" in the challenge.

"I'm going to call this the 'No Excuses' project because now you have no excuses no to get out there," county Commissioner Valerie Arkoosh said.

Participants can register online at to officially begin the challenge. Each trail will have a unique symbol posted at its multiple entry points (aka trail heads).

When an individual or family visits one of the trails, they can record the symbol on their card.

Once they have completed the challenge, they have two options: 1) Return the card to a drop box at a park listed on the card OR 2) Enter the information online. At the end of the trail challenge, each participant who returned the card or entered information online will be mailed a participation medal.

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