Montgomery County to Open 1st Satellite Public Defender's Office

Knowing that the ride from western Montgomery County to Norristown can be a long one, especially on public transit, the county is making it easier for people to receive public law services.

The Montgomery County Public Defender will open its first satellite office at 364 King Street in Pottstown, Pennsylvania Wednesday.

The goal of the office is to "make it easier" for adults and juveniles in need of one of the county’s 45 full- and part-time public defenders to access and to meet with an attorney, said chief public defender Dean Beer.

The office – in a building that houses other county services – will be open just one day a week (8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.) to start to see how much demand there is for legal services.

"We will see what kind of response we get over time," said Beer.

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