Alcohol Yes, Smoking No, Drones Sort of, in Montgomery County Parks

Drink this in, you will soon be able to consume alcohol in Montgomery County parks, with a catch.

The suburban Philadelphia county passed an ordinance Thursday that permits booze in parks with certain regulations including that individuals and caterers get a special-use permit and proper event insurance.

The regulation allows for people to serve beer, wine and alcohol at large events like birthday parties, graduation parties, charity events and weddings held at county parks, said the county. Imbibers would need permits and insurance even if someone just wants to have a couple of beers during a picnic, said the county.

The ordinance goes into effect May 15.

Well the county will allow drinking, it won’t allow smoking at all county parks and historic sites under any circumstances.

The county also announced Thursday that it will limit drone usage in parks to posted areas only – currently only allowed in Green Lane Park on Snyder Lane in Green Lane.

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