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Mom Says School Won’t Transfer Her Bullied Son

UPDATE: The Norristown Area School District superintendent responded to the allegations. NEW DETAILS HERE

A Montgomery County mother is pleading for help after she says her son was bullied and beaten so badly that he can’t go back to school.

The 11-year-old 6th grade student, who we are not identifying, told NBC10 the attacks occurred at the A.D. Eisenhower Middle School in Norristown.

“I got physically assaulted after school,” he said. “They hit me.”

The boy says he was most recently attacked in mid-October when he was jumped by two teens as he was on his way home. He has not returned to the school since then.

“I also had to go to the E.R.,” he said. “I got a fractured nose. I also had a nose contusion and my eye was really swollen.”

NBC10 obtained letters the boy’s mother wrote to the Superintendent of the Norristown Area School District asking for the boy to be transferred to a different school. Other documents sent to the District were letters from a counselor and the Victims Services Center of Montgomery County informing the District that they were working with the boy.

In the letters to the school, the boy’s mother describes the four attacks which she says were carried out by the same two teens.

“The first time I got hit during computer class,” the boy said. “The second one they shoved my face into paint. They bit me once. I don’t really feel safe anymore at school. Too many times I got hit.”

The boy said he reached out to teachers and administrators after each attack. His mother says so far the school has refused to transfer him. NBC10 reached out to the Norristown School District for comment. While the District did not talk about the boy’s case or answer specific questions about the documents or mother’s claims, they did provide a statement:

Our goal is to ensure the safety and welfare of all children. There are appropriate policies and expectations in place in all our schools.

This case was brought to our attention and appropriate action is being regarding the specific student and other students that may have been involved.

Our principal, teachers, and school resource office have been vigilant about ensuring a positive experience for this child. We will continue to work together with the family toward that end.

Teach Anti- Bullying, a non-profit bullying awareness program, is currently helping the boy.

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