Montco Officer, Citizen Join Together to Help Community Member

Collegeville Police Officer John Barnshaw’s morning patrol got interesting Monday when he saw an elderly motorcyclist fall off his bike outside the Collegeville Diner.

The biker, who Barnshaw said in a Facebook post was 84 years old, lost his balance while making a turn on East Main Street.

“I pull up, a Good Samaritan is walking up from the Collegeville Shopping Center, we both go to help the gentleman,” Barnshaw said in a Facebook post later Monday.

The Good Samaritan, an African-American man named Tony, quickly offered a helping hand to the motorcyclist as well.

“He says to me, ‘and they say we can’t work together.’ All four of us laughed, shook hands and went our separate ways,” Barnshaw wrote.

After inspecting the motorcycle, which had a few scratches, Barnshaw snapped a photo and posted it to Facebook.

The post has since been shared over 400 times.

Barnshaw said he's hoping his story is a reminder that “everybody can work together and get along for the greater good of everybody."

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