Montco Community in Fear Following ICE Raids

Among the Hispanic community in Norristown, Pennsylvania fear reigns after the report of a raid of arrests conducted last week in which five men were involved, all from the same family.

According to Erika Almirón, spokesperson from Juntos, an organization who helps immigrants and their families, eight people were tapped by immigration authorities, between Wednesday and Thursday.

Five of those detainees were sent to a detention center in York because they are deemed a priority for ICE since they entered the United States recently.

Juntos was working to give the families of those individuals legal advice. "It is shocking that they removed five people from the same family, that's why we're helping," said Almirón.

The fear that haunts the area has affected the child care program, better known as Aclamo, because the parents of hispanic children do not want to leave their homes for the fear of being seized by immigration authorities.

In fact, several retailers have seen a decline in sales in their businesses for the same reason.
ICE meanwhile highlighted through a written communication that they are only arresting people who already have detention orders.

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