Police Hunt 2 in Cemetery Theft

Police Say Suspects Robbed Car While Driver Visited a Grave

Normal 0 The hunt is on for two women who, police say, victimized visitors to a Cheltenham, PA cemetery.

An 86-year old  woman says her purse was stolen from her car Sunday while she visited a loved one at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery at Cheltenham Avenue and Easton Road.

“You wouldn’t think you’d be a victim of crime at a cemetery while grieving a loved one,” said Lt. John Frye of Cheltenham Township Police.

According to investigators, two women were spotted inside a Cheltenham Mall, shopping with the victim’s credit cars an hour after the robbery.

Last summer, cemetery visitors were also targeted by thefts.  Purses, wallets and other valuables were stolen while the victims visited grave sites.

Police believe the same two women are responsible for all of the crimes.  

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