Deana Harley

Mom Stresses Importance of CO Detectors After Potentially Deadly Experience

A potentially deadly situation for one family turned into a learning lesson for hundreds of others.

Lauren Geary was at home Sunday night with her husband and two children when their carbon monoxide detector went off. Lauren quickly took her kids out of bed and went outside while her husband opened all the windows in the house.

“It was chilling, knowing what could have happened to us if we stayed in the house for a couple more minutes even,” Lauren said.

Shortly after Lauren called 911, first responders came and discovered the CO was coming from the family’s basement boiler.

If not for the detector, officials told Lauren she and her family would have faced a much more tragic ending.

“It was a crummy situation for us, but it turned into a situation that helped others,” Lauren said.

After the incident, Lauren took to her many social groups to warn everybody how important it is to have a carbon monoxide detector in their homes.

“I just hope that this can bring awareness to other people,” Lauren said. “You hear stories of this stuff, but it’s not often that it’s in your backyard.”

Since sharing her story, Lauren says hundreds of people have reached out to tell her they've gotten a new CO detector or have updated their old ones.

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