Mom, Son Find Love Letters in Sandy Wreckage

A mother and son searching through debris from Hurricane Sandy found a series of love letters dating back to the 1940's.

It’s evidence of a love that dates back several decades, so powerful that not even the devastating force of Hurricane Sandy could destroy it.

Katheleen Chaney and her 14-year-old son Patrick Fowler live in Atlantic Highlands, NJ, one of the areas hit hardest by Sandy. Chaney tells WHYY that her family was one of the lucky ones however, having lost power for a week with their home only suffering minimal damage. WHYY reports Chaney and her son decided to look through the debris left behind by Sandy on the Henry Hudson trail. As they searched, Patrick found a pack of letters tied up in a pink ribbon. While they were soaking wet, the letters amazingly were still intact.

The mother and son took the letters home, dried them by a fireplace and began to read. What they discovered was a series of love letters from 1942 until 1947. Chaney described the letters as “beautiful” to WHYY. She also told the publication they were written by “Ms. Dorothy Fallon” of Rumson, NJ to “Mr. Lynn Farnham” of Vermont. According to Chaney, the letters indicated the two were preparing to marry.

With the letters now in a safe and dry place, Chaney says she is now trying to find the rightful owners.

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