Mom Gunned Down in Front of 11-Year Old Daughter

A man gunned down a woman right in front of her 11-year old daughter Tuesday morning. It was a tragedy that touched three families.

Angela Jeffries had just gotten into her car on Sterling Street in the West Oak Lane part of the city. It was about 7:30 a.m. She was about to take her daughter to school. The gunman, Aleem Ali, walked up to the driver's side of Angela's car, fired 8 shots through the window and then fired the final bullet into his own head. All in front of the daughter who then tried to pull her mother's to safety, but Jeffries died on the sidewalk.

Ali was a supervisor at DHS, married to an administrator there. Jeffries had worked there too until 2006 but moved onto another city job as a court reporter. Jeffries and Ali had a long-term relationship, according to police. She had apparently broken up with Ali over the weekend.

Ali left behind a wife and three children. Angela had three children-- her daughter and two sons. One son, a teenager, was in the house when his mom was shot to death. Her oldest son was away at college.


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