Friends of Missing Mother: She Would Never Leave Her Kids

Friends of a Delaware County mother who went missing a week ago are taking action to help find her.

Jose Rodriguez told police that his wife, Melissa Rodriguez has been missing since last Thursday from their Collingdale, Pa. home after she left to visit her friends.

Today Melissa's friends posted flyers along light posts and went door-to-door in her neighborhood.

"Leaving without her kids that never will happen because she is too attached to her kids, why would she go and her kids aren't there?," said Pauline Rodriguez, Melissa friend.

Last Friday, Rodriguez says his wife told him over the phone that she was heading to Newark, N.J. to stay with friends. After not hearing from her all weekend, Rodriguez sent her a text message on Monday but received no response. It was then that he realized something was wrong.

"I ended up taking the kids to school on Monday," said Rodriguez, who also admitted he and his wife are in the process of separating. "She was going to pick them up and she didn't pick them up. The school called because they hadn't heard from her."

Police also say she never showed up to her new job which she was supposed to start on Monday. 

Police contacted the friends in Newark who Melissa was supposed to meet up with. The friends told police they spoke to Melissa on Thursday around noon. Melissa told them she would be staying at their house for the weekend. The friends expected another phone call on Friday around 3 p.m. but they never heard from her.

"She never arrived at her friend's house in Newark," said Collingdale Police Chief Robert Adams. "She never showed up."

Police also say Melissa’s car is still parked at her home on the 400 block of Lafayette Avenue in Collingdale, Pa.

Police spoke with other family members and friends who all told them they had not heard from her since last week. Officials then sent out a missing person’s report.

Rodriguez is described as a standing 5-foot-4-inches tall and weighing around 130 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. She was last seen wearing a yellow flowered dress and glasses. If you have any information on her whereabouts, please call Collingdale Police at 610-586-0502.

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