Mister Softee Lays Down the Law

Ice cream company sued for stealing Softee logo and jingle

You hear the jingle and the Pavlov's Dog reflex kicks into high gear. We run to get our money, sprint outside and chase down the king of summer-- Mister Softee.

Well, it turns out, Mister "Softee" is anything but soft and he's laying down the law.

The Camden County-based ice cream business settled a federal lawsuit Tuesday against Danny's Soft Serve, an startup company, which allegedly used the Mister Softee logo and theme song illegally, according to the company's attorney Jeffrey Zucker.

And apparently, this isn't the first time a company has tried to have a taste of Mister Softee's empire.

The company uses private eyes and surveillance to track down impostors who use the famous logo, similar looking trucks and song.

Danny's Soft Serve has now agreed to pay $4,000 in legal fees, to repaint the ice cream truck and change their tune, Zucker told The Star-Ledger.

Here are some Mister Softee facts you may find interesting:

  • Mister Softee dispatches more than 600 trucks each summer in 15 states
  • Mister Softee sells ice cream in China
  • The ice cream trucks debuted in West Philadelphia on St. Patrick's Day in 1956
  • The Softee jingle was composed in 1960

And last but not least, enjoy the jingle. Just try not to salivate on your keyboard.

Mister Softee Jingle
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