Follow the Fumes: Porta Potty Goes Missing After Tornado in Wilkes-Barre

Well, that stinks.

As if the structural damage caused by a rare Pennsylvania tornado wasn’t enough, a Wilkes-Barre business is still in search for a missing porta potty.

The destructive storm struck the northeast Pennsylvania town June 13, ripping off roofs, blowing down power lines and crushing cars. Most of the larger items that disappeared in the intense winds have been located nearby — with the exception of a porta potty.

"I was just talking to the people down at the Flower Tent, they had a porta potty. We have no clue where it’s at," Police Chief Ron Smith told reporters.

The Flower Tent, a local florist shop, is one of many businesses in the area affected by the storm.

Officials are not certain if the mobile restroom is nearby.

"It could be up on the mountain," Smith added. A sign for a Dick's Sporting Goods in the same mall was found miles away in Bear Creek, Pennsylvania.


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As of Friday, it remained unclear where the porta potty landed.

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