New-Look $100 Bills Missing

Cash headed to Federal Reserve missing from plane that landed in Phila.

Federal agents are trying to track down a large amount of money, missing from a plane that landed at Philadelphia International Airport Thursday morning.

Sources tell NBC10 $96-million was on its way from Dallas to the Federal Reserve Building in East Rutherford, NJ. When it arrived, $20-thousand worth of $100 bills were missing.

The heist wasn't discovered until the packages of cash were being unloaded off a Dunbar armored car for inventory. That's when officials saw one package had been opened.

According to FBI special agent John Cosenza "The money was taken sometime between the flight landing at Philadelphia International Airport and the arrival at the Federal Reserve facility in East Rutherford, NJ."

These are brand new bills that aren't scheduled to be put into circulation until next year. They're very distinctive, with an orange "100" and an orange image that's supposed to be the Liberty Bell.

The FBI is asking that all merchants keep an eye out for the stolen bills.

If you have any information about the theft, call the  FBI at 215-418-4000.

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