Police Search Through West Chester Townhouse of Missing Mom Who Vanished Nearly 2 Years Ago

State Police did not reveal what specific information prompted Thursday’s search of the West Chester townhouse.

What to Know

  • State police searched through a West Chester townhouse owned by a Malvern mom who went missing nearly two years ago.
  • Anna Maciejewska disappeared from her Malvern home in April of 2017. The missing persons case is now a murder investigation.
  • Her husband, who was the last person to see her before she vanished, is a person of interest but not a suspect, police said.

Nearly two years after Anna Maciejewska vanished from her suburban Philadelphia home, investigators searched through a townhouse she and her husband owned in West Chester, Pennsylvania.

State police and other officials burst through the green door of the townhouse Thursday around 4 p.m. to serve a search warrant. They were inside the home for more than four hours before leaving with several bags of evidence. 

It marked the first big, physical search in the cold case in more than a year and a half.

“We’ve been working this case since day one,” Pennsylvania State Police Cpl. Robert Kirby said. “We came up with some new information that led us to get a search warrant for this residence. We’re working very closely with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office."

The townhouse was owned by Maciejewska and then jointly owned by her and her husband Allan Jay Gould after their wedding. Maciejewska was living at a different home in Malvern however at the time of her disappearance in April, 2017.

Gould was the last person to see the 43-year-old mother before she vanished. He told investigators she left for work in a “panic.” He waited several days to report that she was missing however, according to officials.

The missing persons case eventually became a murder investigation.

“We are out there looking for her body,” Cpl. Kirby told NBC10 back in May of 2018. “We haven’t ruled out any suspects.”

Gould was named a person of interest in his wife’s disappearance but he was never named a suspect. Officials said he stopped cooperating with investigators.

"We think Allen has the key," Cpl. Kirby said. "We think Allen has information. Allen has not told us the truth on everything and we would love to speak to Allen again."

Police went to serve a search warrant at Gould's Malvern home Thursday night. But no one answered the door.

State Police had previously searched for clues inside Maciejewska’s home in Malvern in July of 2017.

Since Maciejewska’s disappearance, her family and friends have raised awareness and money for the search effort. 

Here is a timeline of the cold case.

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