Officer Finds Woman's Missing Engagement Ring on the Beach

The officer uses a metal detector to locate a Pennsylvania woman's missing ring.

A piece of buried treasure was recovered on Sunday after a Suffolk County Police used his personal metal detector to locate a missing engagement ring.

McDowell was called in by fellow Marine Bureau Police Officer Robert Warrington, after he spent part of Saturday helping a Pennsylvania woman search for her missing ring. They were unable to locate the ring, despite searching both the Atlantique Beach in Fire Island and a house the woman was staying at. Defeated, the woman returned to Pennsylvania empty handed.

Warrington, however, did not give up so easily. He contacted Officer McDowell and asked him to bring in his personal metal detector to help search for the ring.

Assisted by the woman’s friend, McDowell set up a grid pattern around the area where the woman was sitting on the beach. He then began using the metal detector to search the area.

After about ten minutes, the detector went off and McDowell dug through the sand to find the ring. He entrusted it to the woman’s friend who will return the ring to its owner tonight.

This is the second missing ring McDowell has been able to locate using his metal detector. 

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