Pennsylvania, Delaware Look to Tax Mileage, Not Gas

How far you drive could wind up costing you more than just the price of gas.

The I-95 Corridor Coalition, which represents a group of East Coast states including Pennsylvania and Delaware, is trying to do away with the gas tax and instead charge drivers a fee for the miles they travel.

The Washington Post reports that the states that make up the Coalition — Delaware, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and New Hampshire — recently applied for a federal grant to test the idea. [[386430991, C]]

Officials would put together the policies and technologies needed to count the miles driven by 50 recruits from each of the four states. They would send out "faux invoices" monthly, and would collect the data that legislatures — and the driving public — would require to decide if the change makes sense.

Coalition executive director Patricia Hendren said people could opt out of the mileage tax and instead pay an annual fee.

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