Michael Carter-Williams Has A Ball

Sixers rookie Michael Carter-Williams enjoys himself while at a Temple vs. S. Joe's basketball game.

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Sarah J. Glover
Sixers rookie Michael Carter-Williams shows off his playful side, enjoying himself at a Temple vs. St. Joe's basketball game at the Liacouris Center on Dec. 4, 2013. Here, here's trying to the attention of someone on the court for a t-shirt.
Sarah J. Glover
Carter-Williams gets into fan action and starts playing the "air guitar" at the Liacouris Center.
Sarah J. Glover
Maybe he should stick to his basketball day job. LOL.
Sarah J. Glover
Carter-Williams is a Philly sports fan favorite, stopping to talk with Temple fans and he took photos.
Sarah J. Glover
The question fans want to know is -- who was he routing for, Temple or St. Joes?
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