Nutter Scolds Parents in Wake of Teen Attacks

Philadelphia's mayor is calling out teenagers involved in the violent mobs that have left several
people injured in recent weeks.

This weekend, police began enforcing a curfew in center city. Eight minors were cited on Saturday for being on the streets after midnight.

On Sunday, Mayor Nutter took the pulpit at his own church, Mount Carmel Baptist Church in west Philadelphia, and condemned the acts of the marauding bands of teens. He says they have hurt other people, hurt themselves and that "you've damaged your own race."

The mayor, who is black, also called out the parents of teens involved in the attacks, many of whom are African-American. He says parents need to be more involved and not just a "human ATM."

Several people have been seriously injured in the attacks downtown. On Monday, Nutter is planning to lay out a detailed plan for dealing with the problem.

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