Curfew Crackdown: Mayor Nutter Wants to Make it Permanent

Mayor Michael Nutter and his administration are looking to make the temporary curfew in Center and University Cities permanent -- and citywide -- with the creation of a new curfew law.

The law, which was proposed by Nutter was introduced to city council Thursday, would force some teens to be off the streets as early as 8 p.m.

"Today, legislation was introduced by Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds Brown to tackle this issue city-wide because we know the strategy we have implemented in Center City and University City is effective," said Nutter. "I thank Councilwoman Reynolds Brown for her leadership on this issue and her willingness to sponsor this important bill on behalf of Philadelphia’s families."

Under the new law, during the school year anyone 13 and under must be home before 8 p.m., 14 to 15-year-olds must be off the streets before 9 and teens 16 and older by 10. The times would increase an hour during the summer.

If the new proposal passes, the entire city of Philadelphia, not just Center and University Cities, would be forced to abide. The curfew would remain in effect  seven days a week.

"The City will continue to offer expanded hours at selected recreation centers on Friday and Saturday nights, and we’re working with the Youth Commission to plan more activities and programming for next summer, but we wanted to do introduce this bill now because we know that the legislative process takes time," said Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Everett Gillison. "In the interim, the Mayor’s orders will be extended and we will continue the targeted-area approach until this legislation becomes law with the help of City Council."

The curfew is the result of random attacks in August made by mobs of teens in Center and University cities.

So far, the mayor says the temporary curfew has been a success. In fact, a few hundred teens have been picked up for breaking curfew. Parents of those teens were given a warning, but if a child is picked up a second time, parents would be slammed with a fine.

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