Mayfair Residents Join Together to Stop Car Vandals

Plagued by ongoing car vandalism, residents of the Mayfair community gathered for a town watch meeting Monday night

Mayfair residents gathered Monday night to speak out about the ongoing car tire vandalism that has plagued their neighborhood.

They held a town watch meeting at 8 p.m. at the Mayfair Community Center on St. Vincent Street in Philadelphia.

In the past two weeks, vandals have slashed the tires of 30 cars in the neighborhood.

“All my tires were slashed, keyed and they punctured the radiator with whatever they used to puncture the tires,” said Rob Pasco.

Police at the meeting insisted there are now more officers on the street, especially during the weekend.

“Anybody doing this kind of cowardly vandalism in my opinion is a punk,” said Milt Martelack of the Mayfair Town Watch.

“A lot of the parents these days don’t even know where there kids even are,” said Donna Conboy. “So that’s what’s upsetting to everybody in this neighborhood.”

The town watch is recruiting more neighbors to sign up and patrol the block themselves until the vandals are brought to justice. 

“I’m tired of it and I got to do something about it,” said Pasco. “I’m not leaving the neighborhood.”

If you have any information on the vandals, please call the Philadelphia Police.

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