Masked Gunman Targets Doylestown Businesses

An unusually tall man wearing a ski mask is believed to be responsible for a trio of Doylestown, Pa. robberies that were all caught on surveillance tape.

What's unusual -- besides the robber's height (about 6-foot 3-inches tall) -- is that he targeted businesses that don't usually carry much money, according to Doylestown Police.

The suspected robber first hit a Radio Shack late last month. He then allegedly robbed a nearby Hollywood Tans store a day later, said police.

The latest robbery took place on Thursday night at the Game Stop on Easton Road in Doylestown.

Two store employees were the only people inside the store at the time of the robbery. The suspect pulled a semi-automatic handgun and demanded cash, said Doylestown Police.

The man made off with more than $500.

The suspect is described as a tall white male.  He wore a black zipper hoodie over a white t-shirt and a black ski mask.

The suspected robber is taking a huge risk using a gun for what is really only a small amount of cash.

The masked gunman might be a novice who isn't used to doing robberies, said officials.

It is believed that he might be robbing the stores in an act of desperation due to the bad economy, officials said.

Anyone with information on the suspect should contact the Doylestown Township Police at 215-348-4200 or the Doylestown Borough Police at 215-345-4143.

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