“Mary Jane” Grows on High Street

Pot found growing in city-owned flower pot

Press of Atlantic City

High Street in Millville sure lived up to its name Tuesday after police confiscated a pair of marijuana plants growing right on the sidewalk.

First reported by the Press of Atlantic City, the plants were discovered in a city-owned flower pot hanging from a lamp post by a passer-by.

"There was a huge pot plant, inside the pot," director of public safety Dave Vanaman told NBC Philadelphia.

Two tall green stalks dwarfed the pink petunias and small checkered flags also in the planter, which is maintained by city's Parks Department. No one's sure how long the plants were there or if they were intentionally planted, Vanaman said.

Residents and shop patrons got a laugh from the spectacle -- snapping pictures and texting friends, the paper reported.

Police have been mum on the find, but Vanaman offered his feelings on the situation: "I thought, 'Oh well, somebody just lost their private garden.'"

All we know is it sure gives a new meaning to the term potted plant.

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