Man Steals Police Car, Runs Down Officer

Surveillance video is released that shows the first incident leading up to a high-speed chase involving 2 stolen police cars

Surveillance video just released today shows the initial incident that sparked last week's high-speed chase that led police through two states.

Blake Bills and Shayna Sykes, are both accused of stealing a police car -- one from Camden and the other from Philadelphia.

The video from outside police headquarters in Camden shows the police cruiser speeding off, hitting Officer Sekou Reid-Bey just before 10:00 a.m. last Tuesday.

Police say Bills was behind the wheel of the stolen car, and after taking off on Federal Street he drove around the block and picked up Sykes at Mickle Boulevard and Haddon Avenue.

The incident is hard to see on the video, unless you focus on the top right corner reflection in the glass door.

Officer Reid-Bay, 49, who was hit by his own cruiser, was released from Cooper Hospital yesterday after having surgery to treat his broken leg.

"We are extremely fortunate that Officer Sekou Reid-Bey was not killed during this incident,” Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson said in a news release.

Bills and Sykes eventually crossed the Benjamin Franklin Bridge into Philadelphia.

Police say after Bills crashed the Camden police cruiser at 7th and Norris in North Philadelphia, Sykes took off and managed to steal a Philadelphia Police car. Following a chase, she was eventually stopped by police in Northern Liberties.

Bills and Sykes both face a long list of charges.

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