Man Stabs Girlfriend Days After She Gave Birth: Police

Police arrested a man for stabbing his girlfriend, who gave birth to their child only days earlier, and the baby's grandmother.

Authorities say 19-year-old Roy Deon Jerome Summers was with his girlfriend and their week-old daughter in her bedroom at the Bucks County apartment she shared with her mother when the attack began around 8:30 p.m Friday.

Investigators say Summers' girlfriend told them that he became upset over a conversation they were having and began pacing around the bedroom while mumbling, "Why do you have to make me so angry."

After placing the infant in her bassinet, Summers shut off the bedroom lights, leaving the room lit only by a television set and refused to let his girlfriend leave, according to reports.

Next he shoved her onto the bed and punched and stabbed her face, neck and head with a sharp object, according to officials.

Police say the attack stopped when the victim's mother, who was in the living room, heard her daughter scream and then asked if everything was okay.

The suspect then walked out of the bedroom and began assaulting the victim's mother, according to reports.

The baby's grandmother told police Summers exited the bedroom and, without warning, stabbed her with a sharp object multiple times in the chest and neck. She pleaded with him to stop, but he continued his attack until her cell phone rang, according to reports.

At that point, Summers told his second victim that he wanted "all her pills" and that he didn't want to live, according to officials.

Investigators say he then ingested an unknown number of pills before fleeing the apartment.

In the mean time, Summers' girlfriend used her bedroom window to escape the apartment and went to another unit in the complex.

Police say they located the suspect, who was bleeding from his wrists, in a wooded area near the Levittown apartment complex.

Summers, who made additional suicidal comments to police, is facing aggravated assault and other charges.

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