Gunshot Victim Pleads to Board SEPTA Bus

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It was a frightful ride home for SEPTA passengers traveling on the 60 bus in North Philadelphia when a bleeding man with a gunshot wound began banging on the door, begging to be let inside.

“You could see blood spilling. He was bleeding pretty bad. We told the driver, just let him in, let him in. Close the door and step on it,” said Garcia, who was on the bus at the time. “It was terrible. I don't think I will ever forget this. It was a nightmare.”

The doors to the packed bus opened just before 11 p.m. Saturday night allowing the bleeding 31-year-old man to board at the Broad and Glenwood Sts.

The bus driver saw a group of men chasing the victim as he was heading to the bus stop. The victime heard 6 to 8 gunshots and was struck, according to Philadelphia Police.

Passengers worked to shield the children on the bus and calm the shooting victim who did not speak.

The bus traveled to Broad and Allegheny where Philadelphia and SEPTA police met them. The man, who was shot in the ankle, was rushed to Temple University Hospital and is in stable condition with a broken left tibia.


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"I'm just in shock, in shock," Garcia said. "I've never been that close to danger."

Police are investigating the incident and a motive is uknown. Four to five unknown males are involved with the incident, say police.

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