Man Robbed, Carjacked, Woman Possibly Abducted in Home Invasion

Residents in a quiet Lehigh Valley neighborhood are on edge after a homeowner was robbed and carjacked while a woman was possibly kidnapped.

Investigators say the incident occurred Wednesday morning along the 5400 block of Boulevard Grand Cru in Upper Saucon Township. Landscapers with the M&M Lawn Service say they were working along the street when they noticed a black Mazda try to pass them.

“I moved the truck and they came in,” said Dan Marakovits, the owner of M&M. “I didn’t think anything of it. About 20 minutes later an individual came in with a Mercedes convertible, gray.”

The driver of the Mercedes was 73-year-old Russell Yurchak. Yurchak told police that a woman and three men knocked on his door, claiming they were looking for a party. They then allegedly forced their way inside the house, guns drawn.

“They tied him up, placed a gun to his head and proceeded to steal items from the residence in addition to stealing his Mercedes car,” said Upper Saucon Township Police Chief Robert Coyle.

Marakovits says he saw both the Mercedes and the Mazda speed away from the scene in different directions.

“Maybe a half hour later, two of them sped right by us going fast,” he said. “I had guys working here so I was a little concerned about that. The Mercedes went out in the other exit at a fast rate of speed.”

After police arrived, Yurchak told investigators that a 36-year-old woman was abducted by the home invaders. According to Yurchak, she was in the home at the time of the home invasion, helping him write a book.

“She may have possibly been abducted by these individuals,” Coyle said. “We’re not certain at this time but we’re going under the auspices that it very well may have been.”

Detectives say they don’t believe the attack was random. They’re currently working with the FBI to determine if a kidnapping actually occurred. Meanwhile those who live in the affluent community are shocked by the recent crime.

“I mean, especially around here,” said Chip Maragulia. “We just never expected anything like that. We feel so safe in our neighborhood.”

Police have not yet released a description of the suspects. If you have any information on the incident, please call the Upper Saucon Township Police at (610) 282-3064.

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