“He Picked The Wrong Girl”

The parents of a 10-year-old girl who fought off her attacker in South Philadelphia this week, say they always talked to her about stranger danger

The man who tried to abduct a 10-year-old off a South Philly sidewalk this week picked the wrong girl.

"She will fight tooth and nail with anybody," the victim's mother, Jo Anne Payne, tells NBC10's Lu Ann Cahn. "He definitely picked the wrong girl that day, that time."

The attempted abduction was caught on two neighborhood surveillance cameras and police described it as one of the most disturbing videos they've seen.

The attacker comes up behind the little girl, who was walking with her two-year-old brother Tuesday afternoon. He picks her up and tries to take her away but she fights him and bites him.

The victim's parents say they always talked to their child about stranger danger and they think that made all the difference.

"Stranger Danger on YouTube is an excellent video. Parents, have your kids watch it. It's awesome, it teaches them, shows them what to do in a situation," mom said.

Just this morning, her daughter helped police identify the suspect.

"Thank God it came out the way it did and I'm not wondering where my child is today." her father, Chris Payne told us.

Police also credit the family's two-year-old son, who screamed loud enough during the attack that the suspect fled.

"He screams louder than anything I've ever heard before," the victim told police.

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