Caught on Tape: Man Slashes Car Tires After Parking Fight

Dispute over parking space results in slashed tires: police

After an alleged bout of parking rage, South Philly detectives are looking for a man who slashed all four tires on a car in the South Philly Target parking lot last month.

The entire early evening incident was caught on surveillance tape on Jan. 22.

A man and a woman fought over a parking space in the Target parking lot on Mifflin Street, police say.

After the woman ultimately got the coveted spot, the man blocked her car with his and went into the Target store, police say.

The man could be seen leaving the store getting into his car and driving off.

But he would return.

Later he walked up to the woman's silver car and slashed all four tires.

The alleged vandal is described as a white male, 6-foot tall and 300 pounds. He was driving a red, compact, newer model car.

If anyone recognizes the man in the video, police ask you to call the South Detective Division at 215.686.3013.

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