Man Hoverboards on Pennsylvania Turnpike During Traffic Jam

A mystery hoverboarder took a ride Monday evening on the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike during standstill traffic.

A serious crash south of the highway's intersection with Route 22 near the Poconos caused a nearly two-hour shutdown of the the road, according to Rebecca Lopez, who was stuck in the jam during rush hour.

"We were sitting there for over two hours. People were getting out of their cars to stretch, just walking up and down the road," Lopez, of Tannersville, said Tuesday. "I've been stuck in traffic. Normally, it's not so long so people can get out of their cars and take a stroll down the highway."

A stroll is one thing, but then there is the guy Lopez video'd hoverboarding between two lanes. Below is her post to Instagram. It's not exactly as cool as roaring down Route 66 on a Harley, but it's amusing.
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