Pizza Truck Theft Suspect Shot by Police

A man wound up in the hospital after he allegedly swiped a pizza deliveryman's pickup truck.

Philadelphia Police opened fire on the theft suspect at 22nd and Morris Streets in the city's Point Breeze neighborhood. At least 20 shots were fired.

Investigators say the incident began as a car heist just after 9 p.m. at 10th and Catherine streets in the city's Bella Vista neighborhood. The robbery suspect allegedly stole a pickup from a Domino's deliveryman who had left his keys in the ignition while making a delivery.

After the alleged robbery, police gave chase, catching up with the suspect about 2 miles away. When police approached the vehicle, the suspect tried to run over officers with the stolen vehicle, according to investigators. That's when the gunshots rang out.

Despite being shot in the arm, the suspect took off again before stopping at 22nd and Ellsworth Street where he tried to ditch the truck, according to police.

Police apprehended him a short time later. The suspect was rushed to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in stable condition and placed under arrest.

Police have not indicated if the suspect was armed.

Police Internal Affairs will investigate this incident as is the case any time a police officer opens fire.

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