Man Had 89 Bags of Drugs Tied to Privates: Police

Officers asked suspect to take off his pants after spotting a large bulge, according to Folcroft Police

Folcroft Police made a routine traffic stop along Chester Pike on Friday, that turned out to be anything but routine.

Officers approached a car after spotting it parked with its lights turned off in an area known for drug trafficking, police told the Delaware County Times. Drugs were allegedly spotted by officers at the feet of the passenger in the car, as reported in the newspaper.

After bringing the passenger, identified as Ray Woods, 23, of Philadelphia back to the Sharon Hill Police station, officers asked the suspect to drop his pants after they spotted a large bulge in his jeans, according to the Delaware County Times.

After removing his pants, Police tell the newspaper they spotted one large plastic bag tied to his penis, with 89 smaller bags inside filled with cocaine and heroin.

Woods was charged with possession with intent to deliver, and other charges, according to the Delaware County Times.

He faces a preliminary hearing on Wednesday.


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