David Chang

Man Stops Woman From Jumping in Front of SEPTA Train

“He made a difference in somebody’s life last night."

What would you do if you saw someone in need of help? Would you talk to them, look the other way or walk right by? A local man’s decision to talk ended up saving a woman’s life at a SEPTA station Tuesday.

“He made a difference in somebody’s life,” SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel said.

Rodney Royster, 27, was at the 15th Street Station Tuesday night when he noticed a woman standing close to the edge of the platform as a train approached.

“My heart was beating fast,” Royster said.

The woman repeatedly yelled that she was going to jump. So he moved in her direction and started talking to her. He ended up coaxing her away from the edge by using money and food. Other witnesses called 911 and responding police officers took the woman to the hospital.

“You never know what a person is going through nowadays in this society,” Royster said. “I’m just happy that I was there.”

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