Man Dead After Motorcycle Runs Head-On Into Car Allegedly Involved in Street Race in Southwest Philadelphia

Video of the crash shared by witnesses shows a fire sparking after the collision

What to Know

  • A 45-year-old man is dead after the motorcycle he was driving collided head-on with a car overnight Sunday.
  • Police believe the car was taking part in a street race with another vehicle when the crash happened.

A man is dead after the motorcycle he was driving collided head-on with a car apparently involved in an illegal street race early Sunday in Southwest Philadelphia, police said.

The crash happened at 1 a.m. in an office park along the 7600 block of Brewster Avenue near Philadelphia International Airport.

Witnesses told police that two cars — a 2003 Mitsubishi and a red Subaru — were racing southbound along Brewster Avenue when the motorcyclist sped north and collided with the Mitsubishi.

The 45-year-old motorcycle driver was killed on impact. His name has yet to be released by police.

Investigators believed the motorcycle driver was popping wheelies when the crash happened, but witnesses disputed that claim.

In video of the crash taken by a witness, the motorcycle does not appear to be doing tricks. The clip also shows a fire spark after the collision.

Street racing is illegal in Philadelphia. Police are searching for the driver of the second vehicle, the red Subaru, who fled the scene following the crash.

No one in the Mitsubishi was injured.

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