Man Hit with Bat, Shot in Queen Village

A man was shot in the leg while running from a bat-wielding woman and a gunman in a Philadelphia neighborhood early Saturday morning.

The gunman and his female accomplice approached the victim around 2:45 a.m. near 2nd and Carpenter streets in the Queen Village section of the city, police said.

The male suspect, armed with a handgun, told the victim, "you know what you did, you son of a b****!"as the woman hit him with a bat, authorities said.

The victim began running from the pair, but the man chased him and fired two shots, hitting the victim in his upper thigh, investigators said.

"I heard some bangs," said Ben Hastings, who was awoken by the gunshots. "I didn't realize at first it was a gunshot. I immediately heard people yelling at each other and some obscenities. Immediately after that the guy was saying, 'Help me! Somebody call the ambulance or the cops!'"

Hastings called 911. When police arrived they found the 36-year-old shooting victim on the ground.

"He was laying in the street for awhile," Hastings said. "He was yelling and the cops were there talking to him and he told the whole story. He was half in the road right at the intersection and there were cars going by. Someone even got dropped off in a taxi and kind of stumbled on the scene."

That person was Mike McCorry.

"I got out of the taxi and there was a man on the ground screaming," McCorry said. "He kept yelling, 'I got hit with a baseball bat!'"

Officials rushed the man to Thomas Jefferson University Hospital. He is currently in critical condition.

Police are currently reviewing surveillance video of the incident but have not released the footage. They are urging anyone with information about the incident to contact them.

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