Man Crashes Into Parked Cars, Flees Scene With Child: Police

Witnesses say they saw a man flee the scene of a violent crash with a small child in tow.

Investigators say the man was driving a black vehicle when he somehow lost control and struck a parked Silver Lexus head-on at Tabor Road and Landis Street in the Crescentville section of Philadelphia.

The impact caused a domino-effect crash leaving at least two other parked vehicles damaged, according to investigators.

The property damage was nothing compared to the possibility of the child inside the car being hurt, according to investigators.

Police say the driver of the black car fled on foot while holding a young child.

"Our first priority is regarding this child -- who is said to be about 3 or 4 years of age -- who was in the car and was carried away by the dirver of the vehicle who left the scene," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

Investigators suspect the child was not properly restrained because there was no child seat inside the black vehicle.

Officials have not yet revealed the man’s identity, his relationship with the child or if anyone was injured. It wasn't clear why he ran from the scene.

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