Cops Chase Alleged Burglar Through Elementary School Cafeteria

An elementary school in Chester, Pa. was in lockdown after an alleged burglar ran into the building to hide from police Tuesday morning

Young children at a Chester elementary school were eating their lunches with thoughts of upcoming recess late Tuesday morning, when their chattering turned to screams as a man ran through the cafeteria with police officers chasing behind.

The Village at Chester Upland Elementary School went into lockdown Tuesday after an alleged burglar ran into the school to hide while being chased by police, authorities say.

“I saw a guy running through and police were chasing and we all were screaming,” one student told NBC10 Philadelphia.

School principal Anthony Womack told NBC10 Philadelphia that a side door to the cafeteria is typically open on a warm day like today, and the alleged burglar and his police entourage ran right in during the lunch hour.

According to police, three men were running away from a home near the elementary school after burglarizing it. Two of the men were caught and arrested, but the third ran into the school on the 1700 block of Upland Street in Chester, Pa., at about 11:30 a.m.

Police searched the school and finally found the suspect and placed him under arrest.

The school was in lockdown for 45 minutes and then went back to being fully operational. No one was injured in the incident.

A police spokeswoman says she is awaiting information on what charges the three men will face.

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