Parents Face Man Accused of Killing of Sherita Williams

Prosecutors: DNA evidence led them to suspect

Sherita Williams’ parents faced the man accused of killing their teenaged daughter five years ago.

Suspect and former classmate, Warren Dixon, was in court Monday morning, acting defiant. He refused to stand twice, when ordered by the judge. Deputies snatched him out of his chair at one point.

Dixon also refused to answer all questions except when asked whether he had an attorney.

Sherita’s father, Harry Williams, teared up after the hearing when he about seeing Dixon in court.

During the hearing, prosecutors said they had DNA evidence, according to the Courier Post. Sherita's father told reporters this was the first time he had heard about any DNA evidence and said he was still trying to process it all.

Sherita’s mother and aunt wore buttons with Sherita’s picture to court. For five years, the victim's family has been waiting for answers about how their daughter died and why.

Warren Dixon, 23, was arrested without incident Friday night for the murder of Sherita Williams. She was 16-years-old at the time of her death, according to police. Law enforcement officials took Dixon in after a murder warrant was filed Thursday.

Police say Dixon was a classmate of Sherita's at Pennsauken High School.

Wilma Williams, found her daughter's lifeless body beneath a railroad bridge in Pennsauken, N.J. at 36th St. and Hayes Ave. on November 29, 2003.

There weren’t any bullets or knives or clear-cut evidence of trauma found at the scene. Police say the cause of death was determined to be suffocation.

The last time the Williams family saw Sherita was on Black Friday in 2003 when Sherita went to a salon to get her nails and eyebrows done.

That same day, police say Sherita made calls from a pay phone near the bridge. But, it’s uncertain on what day Sherita actually died.

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