Man Accused of Peeping as Women Undressed to Tan

Lower Southampton police are working to identify all the victims filmed by the suspect

A man is behind bars tonight, accused of videotaping at least 27 women getting undressed to use the tanning beds at a Bucks County gym.

Joseph Clarke, 29, denies he did it, but police say they have video that shows him following women around the Planet Fitness in Trevose.

Only NBC10 was there when police took Clarke into custody this afternoon. He's charged with invasion of privacy.

NBC10's Rosemary Connors talked with a former Planet Fitness employee, who says he caught Clarke in the act.

“I was sitting at the door as he was in the room and all I see is his hand come up with his cell phone in his hand, over the wall," said Steven Bartorilla.

Bartorilla immediately called police, who arrived on the scene. “To actually see it happen, it opens my eyes to how there are sick people out in this world,” said Bartorilla.

Police say one of the youngest victims was 17 years old.

Investigators are still working to identify all the victims filmed by the suspect.

Clarke is being held on $500,000 bail.

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