Mailbox Bandit Strikes NJ Apartment Building

A thief was caught on surveillance cameras breaking into mailboxes at a South Jersey apartment building.
The male suspect was recorded stealing from the Cooper River Plaza Apartments in Pennsauken on July 15 and July 23. The suspect used large tin snip scissors stolen from the complex’s maintenance room to pry open the mailboxes in both incidents, according to Pennsauken Police Captain Michael Probasco.
“He gets a pair of tin snips, and then makes entry into about 5 mailboxes in the apartment complex,” said Probasco.
The suspect then removed sensitive information from the mailboxes, throwing some of the mail on the ground. He then went in the elevator to the 11th floor before leaving the complex on a stolen bicycle.
He moved the cameras prior to committing the crime, but not before a clear image of his face was captured.
“I hope he’s caught,” says Joe Martino, a resident of the complex. “Somebody has to know him.”
Police have put up fliers in the building warning residents of the incidents. They encourage residents to make sure the door locks behind them when entering the complex, and to not let strangers enter the building so the bandit does not strike again.
“When anyone has any missing mail or credit cards, or they recognize this individual, [we are asking] them to come forward,” says Probasco.
If anyone has information on the suspect, please contact the Pennsauken Police Department.
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