Big Rig Dumps Mail All Over Pa. Roadway

Traffic backs up along Route 611 in Warrington as crews battle winds to pick up catalogs

Boxes and boxes of bulk business mail scattered all over Route 611 northbound in Warrington, Pa. this morning after falling out the back of a tractor-trailer.

SkyForce10 captured what looked like thousands of pieces of mail strewn all over the roadway a little after 7. Dispatchers told NBC10 that about 50 racks of mail were spread out over about 100 yards of Easton Road near Bristol Road. Some of the racks and containers had “U.S. Mail” written on them.

The truck was carrying bulk business mail -- such as catalogs -- from the main distribution center in Philadelphia to the Doylestown post office, postal inspector Reginald Wade told NBC10's Claudia Rivero.

It appeared the accident was caused by a broken strap that caused the racks to shift and break through the door, Wade said.

About one dozen PennDOT workers rushed to the scene and battled winds to pick up the mail and put them on a marked U.S. Postal Service truck.

Traffic backed up leading up to the scene as it appeared that only a single lane got by. Commuters told NBC10 that the spill caused long delays to their morning commutes.

The scene was cleared by 11 a.m. And residents waiting on their favorite catalog to come in the air shouldn't fret.

"All the mail was retrieved, it is being returned to the processing facility where it's going to be reprocessed and delivered tomorrow," Wade said. "At most there will be a 24-hour delay."

Elsewhere in the area, a tractor-trailer overturned on Route 55 in Franklin Township dumping broccoli on the highway.

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