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Macy's Launches Colorful New ‘STORY' Shops at Select U.S. Locations

STORY will use themes and storytelling methods to provide a more interactive experience for customers

Macy's is now offering its customers a new, colorful type of retail experience.

The 160-year-old department store chain introduced STORY inside 36 of its United States locations. The concept is a "narrative-driven retail concept shop" that plans to add an editorial approach to retail, the company said.

Center City's historic Macy's branch will house the pop-up on the store's first floor.

STORY originated as a small boutique in New York City. Branded as "a store that acted more like a magazine," the unique shop changed its themes regularly and used storytelling to connect customers to products for seven years. Macy's acquired the brand in 2018.

The store within a store will curate products based on specific themes that will change every few months. STORY debuted at Macy's with color as its inaugural theme. All the products on STORY's shelves are being organized based on their different designs and color schemes.

At 30 Macy's stores, customers will be able to craft their own personalized makeup looks at the “Make Your Own” palette station. There will also be on-site beauty classes held in the store.

Nearly 300 employees were hired by Macy's specifically to help integrate the STORY brand into its established brand culture. The iconic retailer has also partnered with MAC Cosmetics, Crayola, and Levi's Kids to market a variety of items to people of all ages.

Macy's will also hold classes and events for customers inside its STORY shops. Crayola will have hands-on workshops based on its Create it Yourself (C.I.Y.) Network of crafting videos. There, people will be able to design patches for denim clothing using art tools.

STORY's "color" theme will remain on display until June 26.

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