Lynne Abraham Back on Campaign Trail After Collapsing at Philadelphia Mayoral Debate

Philadelphia Mayoral candidate Lynne Abraham went back on the campaign trail a day after the former Philadelphia District Attorney collapsed during Tuesday night’s Democratic mayoral debate.

Abraham said she was feeling better as she arrived at an event at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Old City.

"I'm perfectly fit," Abraham said as she toted a cup of coffee outside the museum Wednesday morning.

The Abraham campaign echoed the 74-year-old's message.

"Last night during the first televised debate Lynne fell gracefully, said a letter sent by the Abraham campaign early Wednesday. "But today, she stood up forcefully. Lynne is back on the campaign trail with energy and enthusiasm and this morning..."

The energetic candidate was a stark contrast from the slumped over Abraham who fell to the floor on the far left-side of the stage as State Senator Anthony Hardy Williams was mid-sentence on the far right hand of the stage during Tuesday's debate.

"I was on a riser," Abraham said following the incident. "I leaned over to look at Tony and the lights went out."

Williams could be seen immediately darting toward Abraham but was unable to get very far as his tethered microphone snagged him. Several of the other candidates -- including former city councilman Jim Kenney -- could be seen quickly trying to disconnect their mics to help her.

NBC10 moderator Jim Rosenfield sent the debate, which also featured  ex-City Solicitor and former Common Pleas Court Judge Nelson Diaz; Doug Oliver, one time press secretary for Mayor Michael Nutter and most recently vice president of marketing and corporate communications at Philadelphia Gas Works; and former State Senator T. Milton Street, to commercial break.

Abraham quickly regained consciousness and was helped to her feet and taken off stage. A doctor checked out Abraham and told NBC10 she was going to be OK. She did not return for the rest of the debate.

"I believe I just had a sudden drop in blood pressure," Abraham said Tuesday. "It just happened at an inopportune time ... It's a little bit embarrassing but I fell gracefully. I didn't hurt anything."

Abraham told reporters she doesn't really drink water and was dehydrated when she collapsed. She has no plan on releasing medical records.

"I don't even have any medical records, I just go for annual checkups," she said.

She also said Wednesday she didn't believe the incident would be detrimental to raising campaign funds.

"I'm a fighter, Philadelphians are scrappy and I want to keep campaigning, that's what I'm doing here this morning," said Abraham.

She then took part in BUILDPhilly candidates forum alongside Diaz, Kenney and Williams.

Despite missing most of the debate, Abraham received a tremendous amount of support from viewers. In a poll asking which Democratic Philly Mayoral candidate might get their vote after the debate, 54 percent of participants voted for Abraham.

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